Thursday, July 18, 2013

An outfit: pink!

Dress - Stefanel
Sandals - Geox
Belt - Conbipel (from another dress)
Bracelet & necklace - from Greece
Bag - Project for UPIM

Sorry I look so blurry - I shot this picture without flash, and clearly there wasn't enough light...
I admired this dress for a couple of days in the Stefanel window before actually enetering the store to try it, encouraged by husband. I like its colors and 70s feel, so it didn't take much thought to buy it. I used to buy quite a lot from Stefanel when I was at the University, somehow I kind of forgot about that store - I even have one near my place! 
I don't actually wear these sandals everyday, it just happens that I take pictures only when I wear them! I promise I have other shoes too!
I wanted my bag in the picture too because it's an old love. This is about 3 years old, but I still use it often because of its classic style - it always looks fresh! I'd love to buy something similar for winter too!

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