Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today's outfit: spring dress!

Dress - OVS
Turtleneck - Tezenis
Tights - Project
Boots - Nero Giardini
Flower studs - Conbipel

Today I challenged myself to wear a spring dress with winter boots. I picked this dress and "winterized" it with a black turtleneck and my Nero Giardini boots. 
It was really satisfying to wear this dress, since it had been in need of some minor repair for about a year. So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided it was about time I'd do something about this , and repaired it. It was a shame to have it in the closet without using it. I love its 70s shape and pattern, and the little coral stripes add an interesting touch of color.
I can't wait to style it in the warmer days with shoes and no turtleneck.


Kacie said...

Great job styling your Spring dress for cooler weather!

Anonymous said...

I really love this dress! It looks great how you layered it. I would also wear with a cardigan in any of the clolours of the print as an alternative to the poloneck underneath.


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