Monday, March 11, 2013

Colored skirt

Turtleneck - Tezenis
Cardigan - Lunatica
Skirt - Weekend by Max Mara
Tights - Tezenis
Boots - Manifattura Italiana
Necklace - Conbipel
Ear studs - Target

Today it was colored skirt day - and my choice was obvious since this is the only colored winter skirt I own. It's a nice, heavy wool, so I don't think I am going to be able to wear it for much longer. I bought it last year on sale, and it's one of the few designer pièces I own. There is a store in my town which sells designers clothes, coats and accessories, and I can't wait for their sales every winter. At first sales are 30% off, top, after a couple of weeks they become 50% off, and that's the time to look for bargains. This year I bought a skirt there too, but I haven't worn it yet. By the way, it's the same store where husband bought his wedding outfit, and it's nice to remember when we went to choose it.

This outfit doesn't excite me too much: it seems too severe, despite the colored skirt. I should have skipped the turtleneck, but I really had nothing to wear under the cardigan (shirts are in the washing or ironing pile!). I tried to lighten things up with this long necklace, but maybe I should have switched tights and used longer earring. 
Oh well. It's a decent outfit anyway!

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Anonymous said...

I'm wearing a Max Mara wool skirt too today! Mine is a boring camel colour and I adore yours - it's a beautiful colour! I think if you had put it with a longer cardigan or added a belt to this one to break up the sharp line between top and skirt? I love this look anyway!


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