Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More updates.

I know I have been away for a bit too long, and actually I am a bit ashamed of this... Here's a quick update of what has been going on!

Well, I am still working, so that takes a big chunk of my day!

Wedding organization is going (almost) smoothly. We have the confetti sachets for our colleagues at work, which we bought from Emergency:

We'll have to fill it with confetti - 5 of them to be exact.

Still waiting for the little bags we'll give our guests on the wedding day:

These are from Unicef, and will be filled with 5 confetti each, too.
And the invitations should be on their way - hopefully!

Still haven't found my shoes, but I am hopeful I will soon, and we still have to chose a florist.

As for other stuff which has kept me very busy, there is my apartment renovation. I am at the cleaning step, and it seems to last forever! Will show you some pictures of the work in progress soon. Can't wait to move back there!

And on Sat morning we will leave for a three days mini vacation around Siena! Can't wait, I love that area so much! Lots of pictures soon, I hope!

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