Saturday, June 18, 2011


Because I don't have a topic for a full post, I am going to post about some random stuff.
  • I want these shoes. If/when they'll be on sale, I am going to look for them
  • A colleague asked me if he could take some pictures of me for a class he's taking. We went today at sunset, and he shot me while I was playing guitar. I am very curious to see the result!
  • I am going to spend the day at the beach tomorrow!
  • I am really in need of a vacation. Work is becoming very heavy...
  • On the same topic, I am planning to stay some days in Venice, at my cousin's, probably next month!
  • And when not in Venice, I am planning on exploring some places around here I am not familiar with - and take lots of pictures!
  • I went to the nearby town last weekend after quite some time. It's the town I went to hight school to. There are so many new cute and interesting little shops, I think I am going to check them wehn sales start.
  • I have to be more careful with my budget... In October I am going to have to go through some home renovations, so I need to save money!
Enough for the updates - I need to start posting more often...


Kate said...

Love the shoes! Who makes them?

Have a lovely time at the beach and in Venice!

chiara said...

Kate - Nero Giardini makes them. I am not sure you can find them in the States...


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