Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday outfit.

Sweater - Miss Sixty
Jeans - OVS
Boots - ?
 Belt - Effetti
I went to visit my mom, last sat, and looked for something to borrow on her wardrobe. I found this red sweater, and she told me to keep it, because she is not wearing it much. What a nice unexpected score!

I had actually planned to wear another pair of jeans, my grey booties and a blazer over the red sweater. Somehow, by changing one element at the time, this totally different outfit came out, and I like the result. The belt adds some shape to this too.straight sweater, and I am still in love with my boots.

PS - Happy women's day! This morning the guys at the production department welcame me with congratulations and a fresh croissant... So sweet and very unexpected!

1 comment:

Kalee said...

I think this outfit looks amazing on you! And I love Miss Sixty, so major score! How nice of your mom!


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