Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A full closet, and nothing to wear.

This morning, the funniest things happened.
I stayed at bf's place last night. And today, he was trying to get dressed, staring at the open wardrobe and drawers, and screaming it's not possible he has no cotton sweathers he can wear in this period of the year. I pulled out a cotton sweather, and he screamed that one doesn't match the shirt he was wearing.
He was having an oh-so-girly empty-closet syndrome!
I tried to manage not to laugh at him (I mean, what's the problem? Change your shirt, and this afternoon you just go out and buy a cotton sweather you can wear with the first shirt. Right?), and after having listened to good five minutes of swear words of various type and kind, I offered to go buy a cotton sweather for him, that would go well with the famous shirt, provided he'd tell me the maximum amount he wants to spend.
He said he wants to buy it by himslef. Fair enough.

But it's too funny. Instead of desperate, as a woman would be, he was mad.
Besides, he could have changed his shirt...

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