Saturday, November 19, 2016

I cheated - sort of...

What I am wearing today: Only shirt, Gap jeans and Geox boots. 

When I planned for my fall capsule, I figured I wouldn't need heavy outerwear for the fall since here it never gets really cold. So I just chose my grey midweight jacket as the heaviest outerwear.
I was wrong. We had a cold bout of weather up to three days ago, and I had to resort to my wool coat. It's not really cheating, as I didn't buy anything new, but it's a sure sign my planning skills need improving.

And since I planned my wardrobe around the notion that it doesn't get really cold here until the end of December, I might need to switch to my winter capsule before  December 21st, as planned. Now I am aiming to Dec the 15th, but I might switch at the beginning of the month even, if it gets colder.

Oh well... I have my winter capsule pretty much in place, and I don't need to buy anything to complete it: I only used pieces I already own.
Plus, I am really looking forward to wear my winter dresses!


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