Friday, October 14, 2016

A capsule wardrobe update

I started this whole capsule experiment on September 21st, and I was very worried at first.
I mean, 37 pieces is really not a lot, plus I had two work trips planned for October...
Turns out, a capsule wardrobe really is life changing. All the stuff about it I had read is true: less time spent deciding what to wear, not much more laundry to do, and a definite improvement on personal style, because one has to wear the nice thing she picked even to go to the supermarket.
I actually haven't gotten around wearing all the stuff I picked, especially shoes.

Packing for work trips was easy too. I haven't taken a picture of what I packed for Barcelona, but here is the stuff I brougt with me in Manchester.

Here are 5 tops, including the one I was wearing for travelling, a cardigan, a pair of black pants and a pair of jeans.
It was a 3 days conference, so I could have done with a couple of less tops, but I am clumsy when I eat, so I wanted to be safe.
Shoes and bag...

And accessories:

I also had a pink belt to wear with the black pants.
The best part is that it all fit in a carry on bag, and the very small kind!


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