Friday, August 12, 2016

Some more thoughts on capsule wardrobes.

This is it - "the" suitcase!

I am spending three days at my parents' place with the little one, while husband works night shifts. It's much cooler here, and the girl is havig a blast with dogs and birds and being outside.

Last night my mom was looking for something in a suitcase. It was the suitcase, the one I took with me when I left to go to the US for my Ph.D.
I took this suitcase with me, a big backpack and my guitar. And that fly was the first of my life!
It sounds really romantic, thinking about it. It was very exciting then.

Since I didn't have much space, and since I brought some music books with me too, I didn't bring much clothes. I remember shopping with my mom for my move, and I remember pretty well what I brought with me.
I had:
  • Two pencil skirts, one beige linen one black cotton.
  • Two pair of pants, one olive green linen and one black cotton.
  • A pair of jeans - my first Diesels, which I wore for years before they fell to pieces.
  • Two shirts: a black button up and a ivory silk one.
  • One tee, lilac.
  • Teo pajamas, white: one short, one long.
I guess I had a piece of outerwear, some underwear, socks and shoes. I can't remember my shoes! No, I can't believe it either.
I also had linens and towels. All in the suitcase.
I had in handbag, light grey, which I liked a lot. 

It was a very small capsule but extremely functional. All the pieces were high quality and went together. If laundry wasn't an issue, I could have survived for the whole summer with it. 
But I had a commonal laundry facility, was 25 and in NYC, so after a while I got bored and started shopping! By the time I needed to move to a new place, I had accumulated so much stuff!

A couple of days ago I made a list of the stuff I want to be part of my Fall capsule. I only need to buy two pairs of shoes, I have all the rest. Still, I was a bit antsy and perplexed: can I do it with this much only, for three months?

Well, thinking about my US capsule helped me realize I don't really need that much - plus, I have a laundry macchine at home now!

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