Sunday, August 14, 2016

Closet editing - summer edition.

So, I set my mind on trying a capsule approach to my Fall wardrobe. I made a list of all the stuff I'll have as part of it, figured all I really need is one pair of shoes - maybe - and set a date : September 21, which more or less coincides with the start of Fall.

So I was all happy and satisfied that in the Fall I'll have a nice, small, organized wardrobe, until I opened my closet and realized I'll have to live with a messy summer wardrobe until then.

I wasn't all happy and satisfied about this, actually.

So I decided to take some time while husband is at work and little girl sleeps to do some editing/tidying.

I decided to leave the stuff that I'll use for my Fall capsule - only, I put it in the higher bar. Here it is. And the clothes on the left are my daughter's - yes, I divide my closet with her.

This is not the complete Fall capsule: I am carrying over some pieces from my summer wardrobe.

I went through the rest of the clothes, pulled out whatever I don't want to be in my closet right now, and divided them is three piles: Winter clothes (yes, still had them in there!), Summer clothes I am not going to wear anymore for this summer, but still want to keep, and clothes to donate. A Winter cardigan is going straight to the dry-cleaner.

I put the clothes to donate in a bag. This is going to the church.
The Winter and Summer stuff I want to keep has been stored in two separate bags under our bed.

I had space left to nicely put my handbags, not to mention all the hangers I had left empty!

The result is quite ok - still a lot of stuff, but looks much better and the chance to get wrinkled is lower. Here is a picture of my "main" closet, lower bar:

And this is my dress closet, it's about half mine and half husband's:

Look at all these pretty colors! The two dresses on the right will be part of my Fall capsule, since they have long sleeves, the others are all for summer.

Next projects will be:

  • Edit my shoes collection
  • Make some sense out of my underwear drawer.
But for today, I am done.

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