Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stuff. And some 70s love.

Hi. Is anybody out there?
I haven't updated for a while, mainly for lack of time. But then, while looking at old blog posts in search of a couple of images, I missed documenting my life (and my outfits).
So, maybe I'll give it a try again...

What to say? Well, let's talk about fashion first!
My passion for 70s era has not faded at all - actually, it's stronger than ever.
I had a huge, 2-days closet purge at the beginning of the year, and kept only the things I really love. While purging, I found a couple of bags I haven't used for a while. Here they are:

This is a bag my sister bought during a trip in northern Africa, I think it was Tunisia but it could be Morocco too. I love the small decoration all around and the black detail. It's a bit small for day-to-day wear, but I'll start using it in the weekend.

This is a hand-me-down from my mom. She bought it in 197something. I had it taken care of by a cobbler, mainly to soften the old leather a bit. BTW, my MIL swears by cleaning leather with face cleansing milk from time to time to keep it soft. She does it on her couches. I'll try with my bags. Now let's talk about that fantastic red dress I gave away... Let's have a moment to regret.

This is a cross body bag I bought in Buffalo during some black Friday sale. I should try the cleansing milk trick on her, and start using it more often.
Now, let's talk about new entries:

Images source

Both dresses are from Oltre. The first one was chosen by the little girl (I guess she liked the color). The second by me. Both are very 70s, and I can't wait to wear them!

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