Sunday, January 4, 2015

January challenge: 30 day shop your wardrobe.

For January, I wanted to take up a small challenge just to have some fun and do something different. I decided to take up Jill Chiver's 30 day shop your wardrobe challenge.
I am pretty good at wearing most of what I own and shopping with intention - I am at a point when I don't usually get carried away while shopping (unless chocolate is involved...). But I wanted to mix things up with my clothes, plus I have a lot of stuff I haven't worn in more than a year because last year I was quite pregnant.
Now one little caveat: the challenge specifically says to shop exclusively your wardrobe. But on Jan 3rd sales started here in Lazio, so I went and bought three things I had already planned to buy before starting the challenge. I actually had a fourth thing on my list, a pair of earrings, but had no luck finding them.
So, without further ado, here are my first 4 outfits.

Day one - Colors you have never combined before.

Sweater - Gap (3 y.o.)
Skirt - Max Mara (2 yo.)
Tights -Calzedonia
Boots  - Nero Giardini (last year)

This outfit was worn to my mom's New Year's day lunch. As strange as it seems, I have never worn this skirt with this violet sweater. And none of them is new! Also, I'd usually wear black boots, but this time I decided to wear my green-grey boots. Sorry for the chopped head. I was wearing earrings, but somehow they are not visible in the picture...

Day two - An item of clothing you haven't worn in 6 months.

Sweater - Gemelli (2 y.o.)
Corduroy pants - Gap (3 y.o.)
Boots - Geox (2 y.o.))

An outfit I wore to take a walk with husband and baby girl. I haven't worn this sweater in more than a year, mainly because last year it didn't fit. And I have never thought of wearing it with those pants, as simple as this combination seems!

Day three - Add a layer

 Turtleneck - Tezenis (3 y.o.)
Pants - Gap (3 y.o.)
Cardigan - Lwie (2 y.o.)
Boots - Geox (2 y.o.)
Necklace - Street vendor in Florence (old!)
Belt (Gap (11 y.o.!!!)

This was easy - I am the queen of layering (or the dame-in-waiting, let's be honest). Same pants as the day before, I chose this outfit to go shopping with my baby girl.

Day four - Something that's "just for good".

 Sweater - Tezenis (last year)
Jeans - OVS (4 y.o.)
Boots - Geox (2 y.o.)
Necklace - Store in Haarlem, NL (2 y.o.)

I didn't really know how to interpretate the day's direction, so I decided it means - wear an outfit "just because". I picked this one. The sweater is like a warm blanket. I bought it last year because it fit over my belly, and I still use it now - it's a non-maternity sweater. The necklace is unrelated to the style of the outfit, that's why I chose it! And the boots are the comfy ones I usually wear to take a walk.

Until now, it has been interesting for two reasons: I haven't worn items I bought this year yet, and I have chosen combinations apparently simple but that I hadn't thought of before.
I really hope I'll be able to keep taking pictures once the holidays end...

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Elle Sees said...

love seeing your challenge so far!


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