Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Well... 2015 is here! Happy new year!

We celebrated last night with a couple of friends, and today with my side of the family.
I am not big on new year resolution, because I think change should be implemented day by day and not all at once on a set date. But I have a couple of purposes I want to pursuit this year.

First, I have to take more time for myself. Otherwise I just burn out and become a nervous wreck, which is no good for my marriage nor for my daughter. I took an afternoon off right before Christmas to have a massage, and came home happy and relaxed, while husband and baby had taken an epic 3 hours nap. I have to start reading real books again, right now I can barely take a look at a magazine!
Next, I want to stop complaining, especially at work. It brings negativity and doesn't solve things.
Then, I want to be more eco-conscious, starting from the small things, such ad buying stuff with the least possibile amount of packaging, or using clothes diapers more often. It's a matter of paying attention to the small things that make a difference, until they become natural behavior.

That's all for now. I have a couple of fun challenges that I want to take up - mainly fashion related, but not only. I hope I'll be able to take picture of my outfits, now I even have a new camera!

I really hope this will be a happy, healthy year for everybody!

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