Monday, December 8, 2014

What I wore - my mom-on-the-go outfit

Or at least, one of the outfits I throw on when I am in a hurry.
On Sunday morning the baby was getting fussy, so I decided we'd better take a walk, so she could relax and take a nap, while getting some sun and fresh air.
So, I threw on this outfit:

Sweater - Tezenis
Turtleneck - Tezenis
Leggings - Calzedonia
Boots - Nero Giardini
Necklace - Steph's mom 

It's comfortable like wearing pajamas, but a bit more refined. I met another mom (who is also a colleague) wearing a variation of the same outfit while walking with her two kids, so it's not like I had a breakthrough idea.
The boots have a great walkable heel, and the necklace adds a nice touch.
I bought this non-maternity sweater to wear while I was pregnant, and still like to wear it now - love when this happens!
And yes, baby really relaxed an took a nice long nap. And I got to buy a Christmas present for husband too!

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