Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What I wore - at work.

Sweater - Only
Necklace - present from my sister
Jeans - Miss Sixty
Boots - Geox

Another casual work outfit. This is a new sweater, one of my two November purchases. I bought it as a replacement to a shirt that was getting very "tired", and it was a good choice. I think I'll layer something underneath when it gets colder.
I was alone when I bought these jeans, but these are another pair of "husband approved" jeans. His comment was something like (while looking at the baby) - your mom finally learned how to choose flattering jeans! Which could be a bit offensive, if I didn't know it was really tongue-in-cheek. 

1 comment:

Elle Sees said...

love this shirt! i'm so happy you stopped by!


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