Monday, December 1, 2014

What I wore at work

It has been such a long time since I published an outfit. I miss the days when I used to take almost a picture a day. I like to see what I was wearing two years ago, how my style has changed - or not.
So, this is what I wore at work:

Top - Lunatica
Jeans - Express
Boots - Geox
Necklace - Souvenir from Greece

It's so hot at work, especially with a lab coat on, that I have taken on wearing short sleeves. This top is from about 3 years ago, from a store I loved but that has since closed (sigh!). I wore a cardigan on top of it, just in case, but I left it on my chair the hole day.
The jeans were bought at Express in NYC during my honeymoon. Since husband is very opinionated about what I wear, especially jeans, he suggested me to buy them. And he still says they are one of the pairs that fit me the best. I don't know, still have to decide - or maybe I just don't want to admit he's right.

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