Friday, December 12, 2014

It's feeling like Christmas!

This year's tree is white and silver with blue lights...
It's getting colder here, and it's feeling a lot like Christmas. Last Monday it was holiday, and we went to Rome to see the Christmas decoration. Then we came back home and did the tree. It's the usual fake one, but I switched decorations.
As for the presents, we decided to buy them only for thr children, and spend the amount destined to presents for a donation, just like last year.
I think this year my donation will go to Emergency, and maybe something to UNICEF too. I really like this tradition my sister started, I much prefer the donation than looking for a gift I don't even know how useful will be...
Baby's presents will be a dress I have already bought and a CD with children songs, since she likes them a lot.
Little cousin's present is a Christmas pajama, for big cousin we have a set of fruit scented bath soaps.
I am so happy and excited to celebrate Christmas this year with our little girl!

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Elle Sees said...

i really like that idea of donations


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