Monday, November 17, 2014

Thoughts for November...

Hi everybody!
Turns out,going back to work really has made it difficoult for me to update this blog. And from time to time, I have even thought of shutting it down. But I have realized that we (the blog and I) have walked such a long way together, so many things have changed since I started writing it, that I don't really want to abandon it. Sometimes I write posts in my mind, but I don't have time to open my computer and actually write...

It has been a struggle for me adapting to this new phase of my life: working and taking care of a baby. I do love her. My heart melts when she's about to fall asleep and she smiles at me and grabs my hand. She is a social butterfly, she loves being at social events - we had a family dinner and a friend's birthday last week, and she was so happy.
I love doing things with her: we go to music classes for babies, and to the swimming pool.
But I really miss doing things I love.
I haven't been able to read a book. Or even paint my nails. I would like to play my guitar a little, but she starts crying when I do.I sometimes just want to relax and be quiet. Silence is the thing I miss the most.
But I know it's a phase, eventually I'll be able to do the stuff I want to. I can't even complain, she sleeps pretty much through the night, so I don't have to go to work tired or sleepy.

Anyway, th picture above shows the stuffing I decided to prepare for Thanksgiving. Even if I am complaining, I can only be grateful for my beautiful daughter and my family, so we will have a small gathering - and a quick one too, since unfortunately husband has to go to work after dinner. It will be five adults, and my little one.

I have been saving recipes for a while, and I really hope the dinner will come out nice. I am hoping my sister in law will askme if she can bring her cheesecake, so that I won't have to prepare dessert, but if she doesn't I'll make some quick apple turnovers.

That's all for now. Now back to baby feeding, and hopefully, a shower before husband comes home!


Elle Sees said...

next week--monday i think? is national stuffing day! i can only imagine the struggle of being a new mama and trying to blog! you do what works best for you!

Londyn said...

i made homemade stuffing too! so good!!

yes totally understand the mommy, work, blog thing... too much actually :-( i think this will be my final blogging week after many years :-(


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