Friday, September 12, 2014

It's here!

This was the view from my balcony yesterday. And today it's only slightly better. Looks like fall has come, at last. Yesterday I wore jeans for the first time since... like... May, I guess. There is a cool edge in the air that is new.
And yesterday we had our first cereal soup for lunch since a long time. And it was very comforting.
As I am letting summer go, I am thinking all the great things I can do this fall. At the market I have seen the first squashes, and will buy them to make risotto for sure. Then, in a while, I'll start cooking my delicious minestrone again. And apple cakes, muffins, and galettes.

On another note, I started giving some of the sweet pears easily found at this time of the year to my little girl. She can't have enough of them! She simply adores them. I'll introduce apples to her pretty soon, I am curious if she'll appreciate their fresher, less sweet taste. But it's a pleasure to see her eat. I really hope she'll enjoy eating produce, since it's such a nature's gift to us!

I am also getting organized for my return to work next Monday. Mother in law will watch my little girl when we both are at work, and she seems pretty good with her (well, she has 2 sons, a daughter, a grandson and two granddaughters, so she should be good!).

I am done editing my closet and drawers. The idea to start wearing fall items is growing on me. Let's see if this is it, or if the heat will return...

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Elle Sees said...

i am a fan of fall--all the way!


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