Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer beauty.

I am spending the month of August in my beach house – which sounds much fancier than it really is: it’s an apartment in a town which happens to be built by the sea, where I used to leave before I got married.
Beach living for me is all about no fuss: our meals are very simple (lots of fruits and vegetables), I have taken with me very few clothes and shoes -  I have more clothes for my little girl than for me, but they are smaller and take up very little space, plus she’s going to grow out of them so fast that I decided to bring them all – and a very streamlined beauty routine. It’s actually very liberating, since I am so busy taking care of my little girl, that I have no time before going out to put on a full makeup face,  which in this heat would melt anyway.

So, these are the products I am using here. 

First, in the shower (from left to right):
·         Testanera Gliss Hair repair with liquid keratin oil nutritive shampoo and conditioner.  They are both good. I don’t blow dry my hair here, I let it air dry, and if it’s not frizzy I give credit to these two – and the next ones.
·         Herbal Essences Hydrating shampoo. I just love its smell. I use it when using the hair mask below.
·         L’Oréal Paris Elvive Keratin mask. This is very nourishing. I bought it on sale, but will definitely buy it again. I use it every other wash.
·         L’Angelica Officinalis Relaxing Shower Gel with acacia and sandal. Don’t know about its relaxing power, since I always shower in a hurry, so no time to relax, but the smell is awesome!
      After the shower (from left to right):

·         Bottega Verde Sol After Sun Hydrating Face Cream. It has a light, gel-like texture which is great for these temperatures.
·         Brasil Soothing and Firming Body Oil, with Brasil nut and Copaiba oils. The smell is fantastic and it does a really good job at hydrating.
·         Sephora Monoi huile pailleté pour le corp. This was a present from my cousin. It smells great and leaves a subtle sparkle – good for going out at night.
·         Bottega Verde Vita Stem Eye Cream. Love it, it feels very nourishing.

And for the makeup part :

Nail polishes (back to front, left to right):
·         Bottega Verde Nourishing Base.
·         Kiko nail laquer in 231
·         Deborah prêt-à-porter in lollipop fuchsia
·         Paris nailpolish in 204 and 239
Until now, I have been able to put nail polish only on my toes, no time for a manicure.

Face makeup. Note there aren’t any foundations or BB creams – too heavy for the heat and humidity. I just leave my skin mostly bare.
·         Maybelline Volum’express and the waterproof Colossal Volum’express , both in black. I use either of them, depending on how much I want to fuss with removing my mascara later on.
·         Pupa Vamp! Cream Eyeshadow in champagne. It’s a great product, has a hint of shimmer and stays on forever.
·         Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Black Coffee. The only eye pencil I have used in the last 7-8 years (this and the black one).
·         Bottega Verde Sol Make Up Tan-enhancing gel. I don’t have much of a tan, but this provides  a nice touch of color on my cheeks.

And last but not least, when I go to the beach I use the Vichy Capital Soleil Sunblock SPF 50+.

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