Friday, July 25, 2014

One dress, three ways.

I was perusing the JCrew catalog, and found this very pretty dress. I think something like this could be very versatile, so I decided to try to make three outfits for three different occasions using this dress, trying to incorporate some pieces I already own, too!

The first outfit is something I'd wear to go have a coffee with a friend or to the farmer's market. Easy, simple and comfortable. I actually own the sandals, and they are very easy to walk in.

1dress3ways:to the market

The second outfit is something I'd wear to a wedding or to an elegant dinner. Unfortunately I don't own anything from this set...


The third outfit would be great for a brunch with a couple of friends, or even for work, with a cardigan. It incorporates my new Geox shoes, and a Pupa nailpolish I own.


This was a very fun exercise - I should do it more often!

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