Thursday, June 19, 2014

On motherhood - so far...

So far, this is my little girl's favourite song. It has a lullaby rhythm, but the story is pretty sad...

Some thoughts after almost two months of motherhood:

I know it's not always a choice, but it would be much better to become parents at a younger age than I did (I am 39). I can't complain about my recovery, which was pretty fast, but a younger woman would have much more energy to face sleepless nights and endless days - and visitors when it would be a great time to have a nap!

What I like about my little queen is that she may cry and scream, but once her need is met, she forgets all that has been and passes on to the next fun thing (usually a careful observation of her own hands). May be there's a lesson there: don't dwell on what upsets you, but forget it and go on to the next good thing.

There's nothing as beautiful as seeing her smile when she wakes up in the morning...

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