Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My shopping list...

...or I should say, wishlist, since I can't find time to go shopping. Not true, I actually found the time to cross one item off this list:
  • A pair of ballet flats: here they are. They are from Nero Giardini, extremely comfortable, and I picked this grey color because I thought I'd use it with a lot of outfits. I almost wear them everyday, which is good, since they weren't cheap at all... 

  • A new bag. i can't decide if I want a white bag or a coral one. The first would be more versatile, but the coral color I have seen around in stores this year is so much fun! I am looking for something classic, such as this one from Particolari:

  • A pair of black sandals, to substitute my old, worn out ones. Something like this:

 Actually, probably this is what I'll get. But I am planning to wait for them to go on sale.
  • A swimsuit. Don't think I can wear last year's ones yet, which is a shame, since they were so nice and colorful... I like these:



Funny how there are no clothes in my list. I am sure I'll buy some, but I feel like I have so many, they are not really a priority!

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