Saturday, June 28, 2014

Links for your weekend!

Image from The Nife En l'Air
  • Channeling desire into creativity is a very interesting read. I am not as creative or crafty as the author, but the analysis of the thought process behind a purchase is really fascinating.
  • Will you take this mini challenge? After only reading baby books for months, I found it really refreshing when I started reading a "real" book again (meaning, a novel - and a very good one). The only problem is time, but I can read when I nurse, so everything is fine.
  • I found this true. As much as I love avocado (which is so expensive here compared to other fruits!) I am getting tired of constantly seeing avocado toasts on my instagram feed!
  • How to create a stylish casual wardrobe for a hot climate. Great suggestions for week-end wearing.
  • I'll definitely try at least one of these easy summer recipes!
  • And this is so funny! (via Camille Styles)
Happy weekend!

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