Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Time is coming...

My due date is two days away - Little Girl is supposed to come on Friday, but I have a strong feeling that she'll be at least a week late. Everything is ready, and I am just waiting to meet her. I almost (almost) envy my husband, since he at least goes to work and has something to do while waiting. I try to read, take walks, go swimming, but mostly I am tired and I rest.
On one hand, I am really surprised on how calm I am. I seem not to care what's going to happen, as long as my baby is born healthy and happy. Natural birth - yes! Need an induction? If doctors say so, why not? C-section? If needed, I'll do it. Everything is fine, as long as I meet my little girl!
On the other hand, sometimes I keep thinking of all the things that could go wrong. If I don't feel her moving for a while, I start to bother her until she does something. But I guess all this is normal!

I think I'll spend an uneventful Easter, stuffing my face with chocolate eggs. Maybe that's her plan: if she comes out earlier, she can't have chocolate eggs - so she'll stay inside until I have finished eating all of them.


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