Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Money thoughts... baby edition (or sharing is caring edition)!

February has come and gone, and now it's finally March. Which means that the day we'll meet our little girl is fast approaching (she's due late April). And of course we have been preparing the nursery and all the stuff we'll need for her - and let me tell you: baby stuff is expensive! But we were able to save some money (actually, quite a lot!):
  • We are having a baby girl, and my sister had a baby girl five years ago. And she kept most of her baby clothes (she got rid only of the stuff that was too ruined to be kept). So we got lots of clothes from her - the ones I bought I did buy only because I wanted something new for our little girl, and it doesn't amount to much. Of course, when I am done using all this stuff, it'll go to the next baby in the family, and the stash will include also my new(er) clothes.
  • Sister also gave me the baby's bed, bedding, crib bedding and blankets. And a nice car seat. That's a huge amount of money saved. Husband's cousin also has some baby stuff in great conditions, and we'll get something from her too. Nice!
  • I have found that colleagues with older babies are very happy to get rid of their baby stuff. I have received a mattress, a baby carrier and some clothes I'll be able to use when our girl will be older. Another colleague asked me - whenever you need something, just ask me, may be I still have mine and I'll give it to you. And of course I'll make sure to do the same when another colleague has babies.
  • We bought some stuff (strollers, bottle warmer and sterilizer, etc.) second hand. It really makes you save money. My mom was very nice and she offered to wash all this used stuff, and now it's just as new.
  • We are planning on using cloth diapers. Of course this will save money, but I am also happy we'll avoid producing waste. Disposable diapers are totally non recyclable, and I hate this. I am sure we'll have to use them from time to time, but I'll do all I can to avoid them.
  • I still have to find reusable breast pads - I had to buy disposable. Suggestions?
  • I found lots of stores that sell baby stuff have fidelity cards, which offer discounts and special prices, so I'll make sure to take advantage of this.
The other thing that makes me feel very lucky, is that my mother in law offered to watch the baby when both my husband and I will be at work, at least until the baby starts walking. That will save a lot of money, although we are planning to send her to daycare a bit before she's one. I think interacting with other toddler will be good for her - I have seen the progress my niece has done after going to daycare!

That's enough rambling for today. Now back to nursery setting!


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