Saturday, February 1, 2014

Link love!

Winter to Spring 2014. Fedora love with the pop of neon in the lining, so fun! ::M::

I am starting my (short) list of lovely links with this look. I love everything she is wearing! The non structured sweater with neon piping, skinny jeans, and especially the bag and shoes. I really can't wait to wear "normal" clothes again...
Here are a couple of other links that really cought my attention this week - sorry two out of three are baby-related...:
  • How to prevent winter dryness. I really have to try this. The chlorine in the swimming pool water is extremely drying, and I hope this can help somehow.
  • A maternity capsule wardrobe! I noticed my current wardrobe is composed more or less by these items, plus leggings and a couple of tunics. It really is the bare minimum a working pregnant woman needs.
  • Raise healthy eaters is a website about - well - educating the little ones to a good nutrition and a good relationship with food. It contains recipes and suggestions, and it's definitely worth reading.

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