Saturday, January 18, 2014


Today's buy

Stivali Nero Giardini per donna in pelle verdegris e chiusura lampo:... 

The weekend started on a great note... I went to check a shoe store around here, and found these beautiful Nero Giardini boots on sale. They were super comfortable, and I like that this color is really versatile - not quite grey, not quite brown...
Can't wait to start using them! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Link love!

Life Changers: 15 of the Most Inspirational Books For Entrepreneurs

I haven't done the link love for a while, but those links here were too good not to share. I think I'll start doing a link list on a random base, when I have enough good links I can't keep them for myself anymore!

  • A very special list of resolution - or "non resolution". The bit about pregnancy especially resonated with me.
  • And how about this? Who wouldn't want to follow this resolution?
  • A cake I will make for sure - as soon as I finish the stack of Christmas sweets still hanging around in my house.
  • Some fresh fashion for 2014.
  • And a suggestion for who gets overwhelmed by wardrobe cleaning (via You Look Fab)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thoughts and questions.

 Baby Girl

I didn't think that being pregnant would take me to a whole new level of doubting and questioning myself/my choices.

I guess the most amazing thing is that I never ever questioned my will to start working again as soon as I can (in Italy we are lucky enough to have a 5 month paid maternity leave), and husband is very ok with this. I guess having around my mom and female relatives who didn't even think about NOT going back to work shaped my thinking when I was little. And with this I don't intend to criticize women who didn't go back to work. I am just saying it wouldn't be the best choice for me. To each their own.
My doubts are more in the form of health/general well being.
Being pregnant pushed me to think about my own well being. It made me realize that before anything else I have to care of myself, to be able to care about the little one too. So if I feel like I am tired, I need to sleep, I don't need another cup of coffee (also because I can't stand the smell of coffee, but you get the point). And if I have to decide what to have for dinner, I realize that it's better for the little one if I feel my plate with fresh vegetables - after all vitamins can do her only good!
And my mom keeps telling me that I have to stay relaxed as much as possible - or else I'll pay for my stress after the baby is born and won't sleep!
But the worst is to think about the after.
I know there are some things I want the little girl to get used to, to learn, to see. There is a whole world to explore and learn, and I want her to see it in the best possible way. But will I be too pushy? Too mild? And where do you draw the line between pushy and mild? What if she doesn't like vegetables? How do I recognize what she really loves to do (be it a sport, a job, an art form) and let her pursuit her love? How do I not pass to her my anxiety about stupid things that nobody knows if will ever happen? How do I make her grow a strong accomplished woman? How do I make her realize that she is beautiful regardless of her weight, height or hair color?

There is nothing better than pregnancy to stir up a bundle of questions. But I am sure we'll all be right.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

52 weeks money saving chalenge!

52 week money saving challenge

I found this pin through the Her Late Night Craving girls. It's a nice challenge and I am going to start this - I don't think I am putting my money in a jar, I am just doing transfers to my savings account (as stupid as it may seem to transfer 3 €), in addition to the money I transfer there monthly. I am sure 1378€ more will be very useful at the end of the year!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Yesterday it was the first day of sales here. And I didn't get anything! There are very few (almost no) stores that carry maternity stuff here, so I'd have to drive to the nearest city. I'll try tomorrow at a store a friend suggested me.
At the same time, I got 3 onesies for the little one who is coming in April. I wanted pink, but I didn't like the pink stuff at the store, so I went for yellow and orange/green. So excited to start buying her stuff, I know she'll have lots of clothes!
But I got a very needed massage, since I am starting to ache in my lower back. On Tue the swimming pool will re-open after the festivities, I think it'll do me good to go swimming.
During this short break, husband and I started to put together the little one's room. We did quite a lot, now we just need a chair and the bed, which I'll get from my sister. And we started to check daycares here in the area, to compare prices and see how we feel about people who work there (they were all pretty good, I have to say). And I signed up for a prenatal class - which is starting in March; future dads will have to take part in one too! It's all getting so real!
And tomorrow I'll have my last day off. It was so nice to stay home, wake up late and take it easy, but everything comes to an end...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This year best (re)discoveries

This tear best (re)discoveries

I am kicking off the new year with a list of products I have discovered and loved this year - plus three bonus old loves.
From top left:
New discoveries:
Revivre Hydra Crema Idratante. I bought this at the beauty salon upon suggestion from the girls there, and I have to say it's awesome. It's hydrating and rich but not heavy nor greasy. Love!
Naked palette by Urban Decay. At first I was a bit taken aback by the price - I never spent that much on an eye palette. But it's well worth the money: the colors are beautiful, they last for the whole day, blend well and give lots of coverage. But most people already know this, right?
Leocrema crema corpo Argan. This is a good basic body lotion that doesn't leave my skin sticky and has a light enough smell to be tolerated during the first months of my pregnancy. Every other body cream/butter had a smell which left me nauseous! It was horrible. 
I Provenzali Olio di Mandorle Dolci. This almond oil was gifted to me by my sister at the beginning of my pregnancy before I could go and buy it for myself. And later on another bottle was given to me by husband's cousin. My sister used it throughout her pregnancy on her belly, hips and chest, and got no stretch marks. And I can report that until now I didn't get any stretch marks either! Bonus: no smell.
Pupa Lasting Color Gel. I got this color for 1€ with a coupon, and love it. It really lasts for almost a week, and keeps shiny for the whole time. The best next thing after Shellac!
Deborah Milano Rossetto Shine Creator. I bought this lipstick in two colors (02 & 04), and both are almost finished!
Always loved:
Bottega Verde Quillaia Makeup gel Remover. A bottle lasts forever and does its job well. It doesn't make too much foam, which is a good thing for my dry skin. I am thinking of switching to an even more gentle cleanser now that my skin got moodier...
Lancome Crayon Khol. I keep buying this in black and brown every time I get to a duty free at the airport. I have been using those for about 7 years and never switched to anything else. It writes without applying too much pressure on the lid, and lasts for hours.
Acqua Di Rose Roberts (couldn't find a link to the company!!!). I Use this rose water as a toner since my teens. It's fresh and does its job well.

As you can see, there are no shower gels nor shampoo/conditioners - still can't find my favorites. Any suggestions?


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