Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Christmas thoughts...

Since deciding to follow my sister's lead (no presents this Christmas, only donations), I am living this time before the holidays in a much more relaxed way. Usually I'd check the calendar to see when and where I'll go buy presents, try to set up a budget that always gets ignored, and generally stress. It's actually so nice to know my Christmas shopping is almost done. I still have to buy some small things, such as a small present for the Secret Santa at work, but there is a 5€ limit on that, so it's not big deal.
I guess this way it gets easier to appreciate the small nice things this time of the year has to offer. Can't wait to set the tree on Sunday, or to go window shopping on Saturday, just to check all the Christmas decorations out there. Can't wait to spend time with my family and stuff my face with Christmas sweets and my mom's honey cookies. And can't wait to have some days off, to rest and relax. All the things that made Christmas time so magic when I was a kid.

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