Friday, November 29, 2013


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!
Yesterday I got off work a hour early, and started cooking. I got menu suggestions from here for a Thanksgiving for two, adding only some mashed potatoes, which husband loves but I had never made for him. Everything was delicious, including the tart - the picture is not mine because I didn't have time to take pictures! I am excited next year if everything goes well our little girl will be with us.
Thanksgiving is not a tradition in Italy, but I have so many wonderful memories tied to Thanksgiving celebration from when I was in the US that I wanted to start a tradition with my family here too. May be it will always be only us, or may be in the years we'll invite some other people for dinner too (which would allow me to make a whole turkey - or maybe just a chicken, depending on the number of guests).

Today it's black Friday in the US, and I miss that too. I don't have a day off, and when I get out of work I think I'll have to come home and take a nap, since the plan for the evening includes going to see a concert, which is something that always ends late...

Happy shopping and happy weekend!

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