Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 I have been at my aparment by the beach for about ten days now. There have been long days spent at the beach, conversations with friends, nights filled with music and fun, and of course, great food:

Those are the only two pictures I have taken.
We went to see a show last week, and at some point the guy remarked how some people were filming him with their smartphones. He asked why people cannot just enjoy the show and forget the camera for a moment.
And I thought he was right. So I decided, for those two weeks, to just put down the camera and enjoy the show...

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Friday!

After The Week From Hell, this is my last day at work before my two weeks vacation. I am so ready for it!
Tomorrow we are heading to our place by the beach, where we'll probably spend most of our off time. I want to read books, relax on the beach, try new places to eat and take care of some neglected home project. I want to explore some of the beaches nearby and see new places - hope we'll be able to do everything!

I still have today left at work, so I haven't started packing yet - still not in the right mindset, and really really tired. I'll do it tomorrow, and I think I'll bring with me the essentials (ahem - and maybe a couple of nice dresses and a pair of heels to go out at night).

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Friday's Fancies - summer treat.

Summer treat - watermelon!

Banana Republic white tank / J.Crew j crew skirt / J.Crew high heel shoes / Banana Republic pink patent handbag / Quilted handbag, $21 / Banana Republic belt

For this week's Friday's Fancies we were asked to create an outfit inspired by our favourite summer treat. And my favourite summer treat is, of course, watermelon!
It was not difficoult at all to create an outfit using the same colors as watermelon: white, hot pink, a touch of green and black. And it was fun! 

Thanks Alison for hosting Friday's Fancies! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I wanted to wear my new jeans:

They are from motivi and I bought them on sale for 50% off. I had been looking for white jeans for about 3 years, I just didn't seem able to find the right pair for me (or I wasn't looking hard enough!)

So, I put them on, realize it's too damn hot to wear jeans (even at 7:15 in the morning), take them off and wear cotton capris.
I guess I'll have to wait for cooler temperatures. Which, anyway, I hope won't happen anytime soon!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


...the weekend is here!
I decided to prepare for it by baking a cake for today's breakfast:

And I can gladly report that it's really really soft!

Weekend's plans include - farmer's market, a lunch of a big buffalo mozzarella, tomatoe salad and eggplants as side dishes, and hopefully the beach this afternoon.

And tomorrow night husband is playing with the band again, so I'll get there with the guitarist's girlfriend.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Friday's fancies - Short Story!

Short story!

J.Crew j crew top / Keds sneaker / J.Crew summer purse / J.Crew 14k bracelet / SHORTS - SHORTS - DENIM - PRIMAVERA ESTATE 2013 - DONNA, $20

For today's Friday's Fancies, the thème is - shorts!
I wear shorts only at home, to the beach or to an informal outdoor party. I don't feel comfortable wearing them in any other circumstance...
Here's how I like to wear them: a white, billowy shirt (I don't know why in my mind jean shorts should be worn with a white shirt - it just screams "summer" to me - a dark sneaker, neutral casual bag, and colored accessories, such as this necklace and nailpolish. 


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