Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My vintage pièces.

I always feel a tiny bit of envy when I read the fabulous vintage finds other bloggers continuously show. I don't have many thrift/consigment/vintage stores nearby, and I am just starting to find cute used things at the local market (pictures coming soon).
So, if asked what vintage pièces I own, I can only answer - this bag:

This is a gift I got from my mom, and it's a bag she bought in the 70s. It's a brand I don't know, but according to her it was a pretty expensive one. I love the shape, the color, and the buckles seem so... seventies!

When mom gave it to me I took it to the local cobbler to polish, and it looks awesome. Unfortunately, I am almost afraid to use it!

At the moment I have another vintage pièce at home:

This is a clutch and it's completely covered in pearls. It is my mom's, but I borrowed it in case I needed for one of the weddings I was attending. She is always happy to lend it to me or one of my sisters.
This one is also from the seventies, bought before my mom married my dad, so it's pre-1973. It's very nice at the touch, too, it's a pleasure to hold it!

So, following my mom's example, I am working on making my own vintage pieces, trying to take good care of the best stuff own, so that I'll be able to wear it in 20 years!

This post was submitted to IFB as parte of Project#103: share your favorite vintage pièce.


ann wood said...

Wow these are lovely vintage pieces! Such treasures because of their history and connection to your Mom.

blue hue wonderland

Leanna: said...

Gorgeous! I treasure my vintage finds as well. I've been lucky to thrift some lovely pieces through the years.


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