Friday, July 5, 2013


Yay, it's Friday!
I know my American friends are probably off from work today too, after celebrating yestarday, but unfortunately it was a normal day here yesterday... I really miss the 4th of July parties with my friends in the US. I fondly remember a party in NJ with my friends Daniella and Maria at their brother's place, with a beautiful swimming pool and fantastic food...

Yesterday we did something nice too: after dinner we went to join a friend who was singing a serenata for his fiancée. I think the serenata is a typical italian thing. a few nights before the wedding (or even the night before, as it was for the last wedding we attended) the guy goes to the girl's parents house and sings love songs to his belle.
The future bride seemed sincerely surprised when she came out.
The whole event was a lot of fun, we were quite a bit of people and I am sure the couple appreciated that lots of people showed up. After the songs the bride's family served some refreshments, and we continued to hang out by the pool, until we had to go home around midnight because, you know, I have to work today!

My plans for the weekend are farmers' market, a nice facial (I haven't had one for months!). It's a nice moment for myself, and I love chatting with the aesteticians at the beauty center. Then, of course, beach!

And on Sunday I am going to see husband play with his band. Fun!

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