Friday, April 5, 2013

The weekend...

I have been quite silent lately... I was too busy enjoying the Easter holidays, then went back to work and all faded in a big lump of busy-ness. I am so worn out today I wasn't able to go to yoga class, and I hope my headache will go away after dinner.
My plans for the weekend are very simple... I am going to go to the farmers' market, go get a massage to see if it can ease my frequent headaches, and make some bread.
I'd also like to catch up on reading, both magazines and books, I never seem to find time for that, but it's probably bad organization from my side.

I seem to feel very tired more and more often. I am trying to understand why. It's not like work is more intense than other times, so I really can't understand why. Maybe I'll add some vitamins to my shopping list, tomorrow.

On another note, I want to improuve my bread making skills. Tomorrow I'll make some more, hope to get the raising time right this time. But in any case, even if the look was not perfect, my last bread had a really delicious crust. By the way, I found out that a colleague's father has worked as a baker, so I can ask him for tricks...

The lovely Imogen has started her April Style Challenge. This time she has givenweekly thèmes:

April Style Challenge

I have been following her indications for the first week (accessorize), but haven't taken any pictures... Also, I am a bit at loss when deciding what to wear, since the weather is very moody: it's almost hot in the middle of the day, cold in the morning when I leave for work, and it often rains. But I'll try to take some pictures starting this weekend.

That's all. I just hope to feel better!

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