Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shopping ban update

Here is an update after one more month of shopping ban. I started in February as a way to save as much money as possible, since construction work in my apartment is sucking half of my salary...
I did pretty well in February, not buying anything that wasn't allowed. 
In March, however, I decided to treat myself after I got paid and bought a new necklace and pashmina. I spent a total of 32€, and I am happy I did, since I wore them a lot and was glad I had some fresh pi├Ęce to add to my wardrobe.
After that little slip, I am happy to report I got back on track and didn't buy any new clothes/accessories. I spent my money for necessities, and for a cooking class on bread that I am glad I went to.
April started with another slip, again caused by accessories. I bought two necklaces yesterday, for a total of 13€. They were both 50% off. I don't think I am spending more money on me this month, since this is the month of the 1000 birthdays. Well, not 1000, but four: mom, dad, husband and sister. I pretty much know what to buy to all of them, I think they'll like their presents.

As for my doubts of  what to wear to two weddings in June: I found a pair of sandals I completely forgot, and will be perfect for the dress I'll have tailored for my cousin's wedding. And for the other I'll use one of my dresses and a pair of t-straps I never wore.
If that wasn't enough, mom wanted to lend me one of her dresses, but it's not necessary at this point. I even have another I could wear, should I change my mind!

I'll probably be able to wear two clutches I already have, but in any case I can buy new cheap ones if needed. 
Weddings without breaking the bank! yay!


Elle Sees said...

i've done monthly and weekly shopping bans before!

Anonymous said...

You're so brave - I've tried but not succeeded as well as I wanted to!


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