Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wensday outfit: fancy stripes.

Striped tee - Max Studio
Cardigan - Lunatica
Skirt - Oltre Jeans
Tights - Project
Boots - Manifattura Italiana
Necklace - Particolari

This outfit started different that it ended up being. I wanted to wear jeans, but since I had been wearing them on Monday and Tuesday, I decided to change a bit and wear my denim skirt instead. I wanted to wear this tee I haven't worn since last summer (!). I found it at TJMaxx in Buffalo, and liked its neckline and stripes. You can't really tell here, but the stripes take different directions on the torso... Plus, in the afternoon it gets hot in the lab, so I can take off the cardigan and wear short sleeves under my labcoat.
I had planned to wear my tan boots, but these fit much better. All in all I am pretty satisfied, my only doubt is about the part of the tee that comes out of the cardi at the bottom. Would it look better with the tee tucked in the skirt? 

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