Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter weekend.

Finally the weekend came. Here in Italy we don't have Good Friday off, but we have Monday off. So today is the first of a three days weekend.

I went to the farmers' market. While waiting in line to buy some prosciutto, the stand guy made me try a piece of delicious cheese. I liked it so much I bought a piece to bring to my mother in law, so that we can have it as an appetizer for tomorrow's lunch. Husband and I are going to her place, and she's been cooking Easter specialties since yesterday.
I bought two Easter chocolate eggs after the market: we'll bring the hazelnut one tomorrow to the lunch, and the white one is a present for husband. I'll give it to him when he comes back from work later today.
I am planning on doing some bread too, using the sourdough I got at the bread making class. If it comes out well, I'll bring it tomorrow to the lunch.

The weather is a bit gloomy: it's windy and grey. At least we have another tulip to cheer us up!

Happy Easter!

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