Saturday, February 23, 2013

FABruary style challenge - Pants, please!

Sweater - Conbipel
Turtleneck - Tezenis
Jeans - OVS
Boots - Geox
Pearl studs - Conbipel

It could only be pants on such a rainy and windy day. I wasn't sure I wanted to get out of my apartment for my beauty appointment, but luckily I managed to go, and it was worth every minute - I got a facial and a massage, still part of husband's Christmas present.
This sweater looks better without the turtleneck underneath, I know, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be cold after being sick the past days. I like its blue color and the interesting neckline and texture.

I love these boots so much I think they deserve a shoot of their own:

Soft, comfortable, warm, and really pretty. One of this season's best buys.

After the beauty appointment I had to go buy some stuff. I picked up a pair of gray tights for me and 3 pairs of socks for husband at OVS. Tights were a necessity since my two gray pairs have holes, so I needed a replacement. During my walk to the drugstore, I avoided being tempted by a beautiful red blazer at the Benetton window (the top underneath it wasn't bad either) and by the handcream and nail polish on sale at the drugstore. 
Instead I bought some supplies at another store to fix one of my dresses. I spent 90c on them. If it works, I have saved a dress I haven't worn for months! Will work on it after dinner...

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Anonymous said...

I really love your outfit - the jumper has a lovely neckline, the jeans are a wardrobe staple and the boots are great! I love boots and need practical low heels.


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