Sunday, February 10, 2013

FABruary style challenge - color block.

Turtleneck sweater - UC Benetton
Corduroy pants - Gap
Boots - Geox
Necklace - random street stand

Well... this is my attempt at color blocking. I am not used to wear more than one color at once, or when I wear more than one color, they do not contrast each other so much! So I felt a bit uncomfortable in this. After a while, though, I stopped feeling self conscious. I might even like this combination!
I love these corduroys for two reasons: I bought them in the Gap on the Camps Elisées in Paris, so they bring back happy memories, and they are husband's favourite pair of pants, so I am always happy to wear them.
I wear this necklace a lot during winter months, since I think it looks really good with turtlenecks. It adds some interest to an otherwise very simple outfit, I think.

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