Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wednesday outfit.

I have been re-reading some outfit posts, and found that my most inspired moment, clothes-wise, was during winter 2011. I like those outfits a lot. Some things I still have, some have been retired, some I am not fond as much as I was at the time. I even miss a couple of skirts and dresses..

I decided to try to start again documenting my outfit. It is a nice motivation to put some effort in getting dressed, plus, it's fun!

I am starting with an outfit I wore yesterday. Wore it to work and to yoga class:

Sweater - Express
Skirt - Sandro Ferrone
Tights - Tezenis
Boots - ?
Necklace - Steph's mom
Ear studs - Target

I cut my hair yesterday, and still have some problems styling it... I am not used to have it this short anymore!
I like that this outfit's components are at least one year old, except than for the tights. I have had this sweater for at least 6 years (!)
The tights are an improptu buy. I went to Tezenis to buy gray and black tights, then picked up those burgundy ones too, since they weren't expensive and I thought it wouldn't be a big waste if I couldn't find much use for them.
Unexpectedtly, I used those tights more than the gray ones! They add a nice touch to a neutral outfit, like a small element of surprise.
Here is a detail of the necklace, which a colleague's mom made a couple of years ago.

And this is today's bag, bought at Conbipel last October:

It's a nice teal color and it holds so many things!

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