Saturday, January 5, 2013

Travel pictures: Netherlands

Here are some pictures we took while in the Netherlands. We spent most of the time in Haarlem, a big and ancient town very close to Amsterdam, with my sister in law and her family. She is married to a Dutch man and they live there with their daughter and son.
We booked a room in a bed and breakfast in one of the main squares in the city center, which was a really great position, close to the St. Bavo church, a beautiful example of Gothic architecture.
Here is a view of the curch from the square:

And this is a view of the square from the place where we had breakfast every morning:

And from another angle - I took a lot of pictures because it was so full of beautiful and ancient buildings:

Some pictures of the town of Haarlem - we took quite some walks, I wanted to see as much as possible!

And, of course, we spent a day in Amsterdam - which was about 20 minutes by train.

We enjoyed their food and the way of life, very relaxed and calm. I really hope to go back next year!

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