Friday, January 11, 2013

Road trips

When coming back home from Rome, this afternoon, I was listening to the radio. The DJ started affirming some song was very well suited for road trips - and asked people who were listening which road trips they remembered as the most fun.

So I started thinking about my road trips...

I remember very well a trip I took with my family when I was about 7. It was my parents, me, and my two younger sisters, one of which was a toddler - and dad was carrying her everywhere in something that resembled a backpack, but had holes for her legs.
We drove to Vienna and Venice. I remember how everything seemed new and unusual. I was so curious that I tried every kind of food that was presented to me - both me and my sister insisted on having mustard on our hot dogs, to have mom remove it after we found out the taste was still too strong for us.
Vienna's buildings seemed so tall and unique, and I was fascinated by the Shoenbrunn Palace...

And Venice was just like a fairy place - I mean: buildings on the sea!


I took many other road trips with my family, some were just day trips, some very long, but I remember that one so well!

Then, there was the trip to Greece with my violet car. It was me, my sister and a friend, who was sitting in the back, with sleeping bags and other stuff falling on her from time to time (it wasn't a big car...)
The soundtrack of that trip was the Housemartins - Now that's what I call quite good! So good while driving!

Some years ago, I took a road trip with my uncle, aunt and cousin, from Las Vegas through Nevada, Utah and Arizona. We went to see the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Brice Canyon, and much more. It was so much fun to spend the day with them, watch beautiful landscapes while chatting and laughing with my cousin. The soundrack had to be low, soft music, as uncle wouldn't allow for anything else.

We took several road trips with husband - before and after we got married. But the nicest one was the one we took on our honeymoon, last summer. We rented a Beetle and drove from Buffalo to Ottawa, through green fields and forests.

We listened to rock musing at the beginning, then switched to country music, which unexpectedtly was more suited for the trip and the view. And I don't even like country music!

Sometimes I listen to some songs that make me whish I was traveling. I mean, how good is Born to be wild for driving? And how about shouting Ironic out of the window? Or a little Twist and shout?

Before my next road trip, I resolve to prepare a compilation of songs I think we├Čll be happy to listen - and to remember, together with the trip itself!


Anonymous said...

I've only taken a few road trips in my life as a kid and as an adult and enjoyed every minute of it! I've been to Venice once but so long along in 1986 and promised myself to return and here we are in 2013!
I regret not traveling more when I had the chance - we never 'have' the time of course but when it's passed, we wonder why we couldn't do it and why we couldn't make the time.

chiara said...

Yes! I really regret not taking more road trips when I was living in the US... I mean, that's the Country made for road trips, right? I took some, but I could have taken so much more!


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