Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday outfit

Hi there! How was your weekend?
Mine was lovely, filled with rest and relax... I should do this more often!

Here is yesterday's outfit:

Sweater - Gemelli
Skirt - Oltre jeans
Tights - ?
Boots - Nero Giardini
Studs - Conbipel.

Meet two new entries.
On Sunday morning, my quest for a jean skirt which was NOT a mini-skirt ended. We went to the nearby mall to pick up a couple of thinks, and I saw her in a window! 
I love that this is not really a jeans skirt, but rather a pencil skirt made of jeans fabric - if I make any sense. Husband approved my choice for this exact reason: it is casual but not too much. It has a back zipper and back studded pockets (should take a picture some day...)
This off-white sweater was a recent buy too - saw it on Sat and tried it on. I don't own any other white sweater, this is the lighter color I have in my wardrobe, and I am pretty happy to have added it.
I chose this tights, so old that I don't remember where I bought it, to add some color. And because I like them with my boots!
Happy Tuesday!

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