Friday, January 18, 2013

An outfit

Sweater dress - UC Benetton
Black tee - Intimissimi
Gray tights - Tezenis
Boots - Geox
Studs - Conbipel

(I was not as angry as it seems from this picture, I promise!)
I really like this dress, both the colors and the fit. It was one of husband's Christmas gift, and I really loved what he chose, although it's a bit shorter than I would normally wear.
I decided to wear it with these Chelsea boots from Geox, but looking at the picture I am not really satisfied with the result. My legs look stumpier than they really are. But I was comfortable, at least. I guess next time I'll try taller boots.
When asked what he thought of these boots with this dress, husband replied - who cares? At work you wear work shoes anyway, right?
Fair enough. And a very pragmatic answer!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really like how this dress fits you and it makes your legs look longer at this length. I can only wear ankle or knee high boots, nothing in between. You're so lucky to have legs that look good with any boots!


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