Thursday, January 17, 2013

An experience to forget!

As I mentioned before, I am a big fan of Groupon, Groupalia and such. I have bought and used their coupons for hotels, shopping (my yogurt maker comes from Groupalia!) and services - such as mani/pedi combos, a SPA afternoon for two (THAT was amazing!) or hair color and treatment (pretty good too).
In november I bought a coupon for a series of services at a beauty salon in a nearby city. It included waxing, massage, face treatment, mani and pedi - a pretty good deal.
This is what the experience was supposed to be:

And, trust me, it was NOT!

I went for the wax before Christmas. It was ok, I guess, but the owner of the salon didn't give a nice impression to me. She was late (I was the first appointment of the day) complaining about everything while she was working on me, including the girls who are working for her (!).
Two days ago I went for my second appointment, a massage. 
The girl who did the massage was pretty good. The massage per se was awesome. But the rest...
They didn't have some sort of soothing music, or at least, music, playing. Instead, I had to listen to the radio talking about something soccer related.
At some point the owner broke into the room asking loudly to the girl if her brother had stopped by. Another of the girls came into the room to wax her legs (!) and at some point she left living the door open.
And, at the very end, while trying to book the next appointment (which I am almost tempted to skip), I was asked by the owner how come I don't have many free days. EXCUSE ME? It might just be my business!
And, by the way, when leaving, I said "have a nice evening" and obtained no response.

I have two colleagues who live in the city where this beauty center is located, and I have already told them to not go there, ever, for any reason. I really can't understand why they behave this way-it's so bad for their business!

And if you ever stop by Latina, let me know - I'll reccommend you where NOT to go.


Cee said...

Wow - this sounds like pretty much the worst spa experience ever! I think a lot of very small businesses sadly do operate that way... if you have very few clients, it would be easier to let your guard down and be complacent than put in the hard work to earn them. Hope your next experience is much better!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, how horrendous! I hope you'll be able to have a much better spa experience soon to make up for this!

chiara said...

The beauty salon I go to normally is a small business too (it's only the owner and two girls, and even the place is smaller), but they are all so nice and welcoming - and use better products! I decided to try this one only because I had the coupon, but I am slowly realizing how good the girls at "my" salon are!


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