Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve!

... and today is the last day of 2013. This year has been very generous to me, and I can't believe it came to an end so fast!
I am enjoying some moments of relax, before heading out for a last-minute grocery shopping and coming back home to start cooking. We'll have a small party with friends tonight, it will be nice and relaxing.

Happy New Year, and hope 2014 will bring many wonderful things!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thoughts on a Sunday afternoon...

I am loving so much out tree's colors that I could stare at it for the whole day...

I am back from the grocery store and the pharmacy, and now a veggie soup is on the stove, the bread is raising and jazz music is playing... A perfect relaxing Sunday afternoon.

I picked up some hair oil at the pharmacy.  This is not a totally random statement.
Somehow, an effect of this pregnancy is that I am much more aware of what I eat and what I put on my body - I decided to dye my hair with Henna because I am not really convinced the ethanolamine in the products with no ammonia is totally safe.... At the same time, I have become lazier in taking care of myself. I know I should put almond oil every night on my belly to avoid stretch marks, but I am so tired at night I wash my face and go straight to bed. My hair is really dry, probably because of the chlorine in the swimming pool water, but I can't muster up the energy to do a hair mask at least once a week. Yesterday I went to the beauty salon, and the girl told me I should use a clay mask once a week - well, too lazy for that too!
The best part is that I already have the products I need to use, so it's not even like I need to go out and spend a ton of money. My buying the hair oil was intended to be a kick in my butt to push me to take care of my body... on the outside!
So, this Sunday afternoon, while home alone because husband is at work, I pledge to start doing what I have been to lazy to do. At least I need a hair mask and to put oil on my belly after my shower. I can start from here!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cozy up!

Cozy uP!

H&M MAMA Jeans, $49 / J Crew leather purse / Collana multifilo - Nero - Bijoux - Donna - Promod, $8.18

For today's Friday's Fancies, we are asked to present a cozy look, perfect, for example, for a Christmas morning. I started with my maternity H&M jeans and my Tezenis sweater (somehow I now need maternity bottoms but still fit in regular tops...), added comfortable boots, a pretty necklace, a neutral lipstick and eye makeup, and a fabulous tote - and I am ready to go to that Christmas brunch!
If you want more cozy looks, jump to Long Distance Loving for plenty of them! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Permit number A38

This was me yesterday...

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sparkle & shine!

Party sparkle!

ASOS tight / J.Crew j crew shoes / Brown purse / H M chain necklace, $11 / Banana Republic silver hoop earrings / Prenatal Abito a maniche lunghe con cintura, $55

For today's Friday's Fancies, the theme is: Party & Shine.
As a base for all the bling, I picked a maternity dress I liked. Grey is somehow an unusual choice for a party, but it goes very well with silver. 
I am not a sequin lover, so I added my sparkle in the form of silver accents and red: a classic red lipstick and a glitter red nail polish (I think now I want to buy it...).
This is definitely an outfit I'd wear to a family gathering or to a New Year's Eve party at some friend's place.
Thanks again, Alison, for hosting Friday's Fancies!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Here it is!

This year's tree. I decided I want pick a different color combination, so red and white it is. Looks a bit childish, but I love it!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

This weekend...

The sun is shining outside, what a great start for a weekend!
My plans for this weekend include farmer's market this morning, a massage this afternoon followed by some Christmas decorations shopping. 
Tomorrow we'll head to mother in law for lunch and then set our tree. Above is last year's tree. This year I have decided to change the color scheme. I am curious to see how it'll come out.
I am so happy it's almost Christmas, I almost feel like a kid!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Party Perfect.

Casual holiday party

H&M MAMA Stretch trousers, $25 / Banana Republic star boots / Banana Republic crossbody handbag / Banana republic jewelry

Today's Friday's Fancies theme is "Holiday Party Perfect".
I created an outfit for an office party, considering that a) my office is a pretty casual place, and nobody gets too dressed up, and b) I am pregnant, so  need to be comfortable (these pants are from the H&M mama collection)!
I picked a simple outfit, and added sparkly accessories to make everything more festive.  These BR boots are so chic and probably comfortable, since they have a hidden platform and the heel is thick enough for standing for a while (plus, when you are expecting everyone asks if you want to seat).
The clutch and necklace add some sparkle, and the nail polish is so Christmas-y!
Thanks Alison for all the Friday's Fancies ideas!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Christmas thoughts...

Since deciding to follow my sister's lead (no presents this Christmas, only donations), I am living this time before the holidays in a much more relaxed way. Usually I'd check the calendar to see when and where I'll go buy presents, try to set up a budget that always gets ignored, and generally stress. It's actually so nice to know my Christmas shopping is almost done. I still have to buy some small things, such as a small present for the Secret Santa at work, but there is a 5€ limit on that, so it's not big deal.
I guess this way it gets easier to appreciate the small nice things this time of the year has to offer. Can't wait to set the tree on Sunday, or to go window shopping on Saturday, just to check all the Christmas decorations out there. Can't wait to spend time with my family and stuff my face with Christmas sweets and my mom's honey cookies. And can't wait to have some days off, to rest and relax. All the things that made Christmas time so magic when I was a kid.

Friday, November 29, 2013


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!
Yesterday I got off work a hour early, and started cooking. I got menu suggestions from here for a Thanksgiving for two, adding only some mashed potatoes, which husband loves but I had never made for him. Everything was delicious, including the tart - the picture is not mine because I didn't have time to take pictures! I am excited next year if everything goes well our little girl will be with us.
Thanksgiving is not a tradition in Italy, but I have so many wonderful memories tied to Thanksgiving celebration from when I was in the US that I wanted to start a tradition with my family here too. May be it will always be only us, or may be in the years we'll invite some other people for dinner too (which would allow me to make a whole turkey - or maybe just a chicken, depending on the number of guests).

Today it's black Friday in the US, and I miss that too. I don't have a day off, and when I get out of work I think I'll have to come home and take a nap, since the plan for the evening includes going to see a concert, which is something that always ends late...

Happy shopping and happy weekend!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random stuff

I have been away so long, that I have no idea where to start... So, here is some random stuff I have been up to:
  • First and most important, we have a little baby girl coming in April! Everything is fine until now for both of us, and we picked the name, but it'll be a secret until she's here, to avoid comments, especially from relatives. Little baby isn't here yet, but has been deciding most of our menus since about September: no meat for me, lots of soups (she has a soft spot for leek cream), grape and tangerines, but she loves other fruits too! I am at that awkward stage when I don't fit most of my normal clothes, but I am too small for maternity pants and skirts. I went shopping at H&M out of frustration anyway, and they have some cute maternity stuff!
  • And I haven't shopped for little baby yet. Guess I am waiting for the sales in January.
  • I have decided to fix a small Thanksgiving dinner, tomorrow, just for husband and me. I picked recipes from Saveur, I think, and will see how it goes. I am making turkey cutlets, obviously not a whole turkey!
  • My sister had a cool idea for Christmas (see picture above): instead of buying presents to each other, we just donate to a charity we like. Besides the anti-consumerism aspect that I love, there is also less hassle for the finding of the perfect gift. And since little 4yo niece is excluded, I bought her present from UNICEF anyway.
That's more or less all for now. Hope to be more present in the future...

Friday, November 1, 2013

My City Style

Mt Cyty Style

Frame Denim blue jeans / KIOMI Giacca di pelle beige, $190 / ck Calvin Klein shopping bag, $350 / David Aubrey Bracciale oro, $150

 For today's Friday's Fancies Alison asked to share our city style. It's not cold yet in my city, so all I see is light outerwear and suède accessories. 
The style is pretty casual, but nothing is left to chance: accessories are well coordinated, some attention is always given to make-up, especially lips and nails - probably because eyes can be hidden under a pair of sunglasses! 
More city styles at Long Distance Loving!

Monday, October 28, 2013

I finally...

... caved in and bought an Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette. I have never spent so much on a single item of make-up (well, actually that's twelve eye-shadows...). I surely hope it's well worth it!
I'll have to buy a couple of good eye-shadow brushes, but first I have to recover from the 49.95€ I just spent on this palette...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 I have been at my aparment by the beach for about ten days now. There have been long days spent at the beach, conversations with friends, nights filled with music and fun, and of course, great food:

Those are the only two pictures I have taken.
We went to see a show last week, and at some point the guy remarked how some people were filming him with their smartphones. He asked why people cannot just enjoy the show and forget the camera for a moment.
And I thought he was right. So I decided, for those two weeks, to just put down the camera and enjoy the show...

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Friday!

After The Week From Hell, this is my last day at work before my two weeks vacation. I am so ready for it!
Tomorrow we are heading to our place by the beach, where we'll probably spend most of our off time. I want to read books, relax on the beach, try new places to eat and take care of some neglected home project. I want to explore some of the beaches nearby and see new places - hope we'll be able to do everything!

I still have today left at work, so I haven't started packing yet - still not in the right mindset, and really really tired. I'll do it tomorrow, and I think I'll bring with me the essentials (ahem - and maybe a couple of nice dresses and a pair of heels to go out at night).

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Friday's Fancies - summer treat.

Summer treat - watermelon!

Banana Republic white tank / J.Crew j crew skirt / J.Crew high heel shoes / Banana Republic pink patent handbag / Quilted handbag, $21 / Banana Republic belt

For this week's Friday's Fancies we were asked to create an outfit inspired by our favourite summer treat. And my favourite summer treat is, of course, watermelon!
It was not difficoult at all to create an outfit using the same colors as watermelon: white, hot pink, a touch of green and black. And it was fun! 

Thanks Alison for hosting Friday's Fancies! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I wanted to wear my new jeans:

They are from motivi and I bought them on sale for 50% off. I had been looking for white jeans for about 3 years, I just didn't seem able to find the right pair for me (or I wasn't looking hard enough!)

So, I put them on, realize it's too damn hot to wear jeans (even at 7:15 in the morning), take them off and wear cotton capris.
I guess I'll have to wait for cooler temperatures. Which, anyway, I hope won't happen anytime soon!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


...the weekend is here!
I decided to prepare for it by baking a cake for today's breakfast:

And I can gladly report that it's really really soft!

Weekend's plans include - farmer's market, a lunch of a big buffalo mozzarella, tomatoe salad and eggplants as side dishes, and hopefully the beach this afternoon.

And tomorrow night husband is playing with the band again, so I'll get there with the guitarist's girlfriend.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Friday's fancies - Short Story!

Short story!

J.Crew j crew top / Keds sneaker / J.Crew summer purse / J.Crew 14k bracelet / SHORTS - SHORTS - DENIM - PRIMAVERA ESTATE 2013 - DONNA, $20

For today's Friday's Fancies, the thème is - shorts!
I wear shorts only at home, to the beach or to an informal outdoor party. I don't feel comfortable wearing them in any other circumstance...
Here's how I like to wear them: a white, billowy shirt (I don't know why in my mind jean shorts should be worn with a white shirt - it just screams "summer" to me - a dark sneaker, neutral casual bag, and colored accessories, such as this necklace and nailpolish. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday outfit - hippie chic!

Tank top - Tezenis
Skirt - thrifted
Sandals - Nero Giardini
Necklace - Steph's mom
Cuff - Dots maybe?
Sunglasses - NY&Co
Bag - sister's gift from Morocco (old!)

Today I feel a bit hippie in this gauzy, colored skirt and my old old moroccan bag. The sunglasses are not so hippie, but I wanted to have them in the picture anyway. I wore this outfit for a quick trip to the supermarket and lunch at mother in law's.

This post is supposed to be my entry for IFB project # 106 - Summer leather.
I know there are plenty of leather garments appropriate for summer now, but I just can't bring myself to wear them. Leather clothes for me are for fall and winter.
On the other hand, I love leather accessories, and both my bag and sandals are leather. That's the most I can do with it during the summer!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


There is something really satisfying in seeing all my dresses together. All these colors make me happy!

Monday, July 22, 2013

An outfit: thrifted!

Shirt - Guess?
Skirt - thrifted
Shoes - meli
Necklace - from Greece
Earrings - gift
Cuff - Dots

Let me introduce you one of my latesr thrift finds. I have already worn this skirt several times, and I keep getting back to it because it's comfortable, flowy and very summery. I find it great with a tank top and flats for running errands, and with a more refined top and heels, as in the picture, for work. And I got a lot of compliments on it!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Sandals Savy!

For the first time I am participating in #fridaysfancies. This Friday's theme is - sandals!
I was very excited with this theme, since I just got myself a pair of new sandals, and I took this chance to create three outfits around them.
Outfit #1 is for the beach or a pool-side afternoon, drinking prosecco and chatting with a friend.

Sandals look #1


I like the idea of the unexpected color of the bag.

Outfit #2 is for a "casual evening" - nothing too fancy, but still nice enough for a dinner.

Sandals look #2

J.Crew leather handbag, €105 / J.Crew j crew jewelry, €49 / J.Crew j crew jewelry, €65 / VESTITO LUNGO - VESTITI LUNGHI - VESTITI - PRIMAVERA ESTATE 2013 -...

I think the clutch adds a fancy element, plus the bracelets are fun!

Outfit #3 is for a casual office:

Outfit #3


I like the almost subdued color palette - and this beautiful hobo bag.

By the way, these sandals are very comfortable. I'll show some "real" outfits as soon as I take pictures of them! 
To join in e Friday's Fancies,  sign up on Long Distance Loving  to receive weekly e-mails for themes in advance.  

An outfit: pink!

Dress - Stefanel
Sandals - Geox
Belt - Conbipel (from another dress)
Bracelet & necklace - from Greece
Bag - Project for UPIM

Sorry I look so blurry - I shot this picture without flash, and clearly there wasn't enough light...
I admired this dress for a couple of days in the Stefanel window before actually enetering the store to try it, encouraged by husband. I like its colors and 70s feel, so it didn't take much thought to buy it. I used to buy quite a lot from Stefanel when I was at the University, somehow I kind of forgot about that store - I even have one near my place! 
I don't actually wear these sandals everyday, it just happens that I take pictures only when I wear them! I promise I have other shoes too!
I wanted my bag in the picture too because it's an old love. This is about 3 years old, but I still use it often because of its classic style - it always looks fresh! I'd love to buy something similar for winter too!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My summer essentials

My summer essentials

SOL - Latte solare super abbronzante con Orchidea e olio di Tamanù..., $14 / Cocco e Lime - Crema doposole rinfrescante con latte di Cocco ed..., $14

This post is part of IFB project #104 - Share your summer essentials. 

I don't really need much to be happy in the summer. Despite the heat and the sticky weather, summer for me means vacation, the beach, long evenings spent lingering on the terrace after dinner...
So, my summer essentials are really "essentials".
A great bikini, a nice, light dress, and comfortable sandals. A summery nail polish on my feet, and basic makeup.
I use the Révivre serum, upon suggestion of the girls at the beauty salon I go to, because it's hydrating but not sticky.  I love both sunscreen and after sun lotion from Bottega Verde: they smell amazing.
And usually, my makeup is limited to a bright colored jumbo eye pencil, and bronzing powder. Easy and fast.
Add a stack of new books to read while eating gelato, and I am set for the summer!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013



Intimissimi push up bra, $45 / Intimissimi, $20

Last Wednesday I celebrated my birthday. I cooked a nice dinner for husband and we dined on the terrace. Husband gave me flowers, the above bra-panties set, and a coupon for a massage at my favourite beauty center. 
The AlmaK stuff was a present from mother-in-law. I haven't tried any of these yet, but I will soon. 
And the glass earrings were a present from sisters and niece. 
Parents gave me money, some of which I have already spent on a new bikini!

I didn't expect so many presents, all of them were a nice surprise. 

An outfit: black and stripes.

Shirt - SportMax
Skirt - Promod
Sandals - Geox
Necklace - Steph's mom
Earrings - sisters' birthday present

This outfit is awfully similar to something I wore three years ago (!). It's another shirt, which I much prefer to the old one because the stripes are not all the same, but the outfit is pretty much the same.
I decided to wear this because it would go perfectly with my sisters' (and niece's) present: these glass striped earrings:

And niece pointed out she helped choose them!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mini drugstore haul.

Mini drugstore haul

Lip makeup / GLOSSY STICK | Deborah Milano / New York Color | APPLELICIOUS GLOSSY LIP BALM

Today is my birthday.  So, yesterday I went to the drugstore, and after picking  cleaning stuff, I chose the above items. I needed something light for my lips makeup, since I have finished all my glosses.
The Deborah glossy stick has a nice texture and a sheer color.
The NYC is sheer too, and has a strong apple smell which someone might dislike. It is really hydrating.

And tonight it's dinner with husband!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My vintage pièces.

I always feel a tiny bit of envy when I read the fabulous vintage finds other bloggers continuously show. I don't have many thrift/consigment/vintage stores nearby, and I am just starting to find cute used things at the local market (pictures coming soon).
So, if asked what vintage pièces I own, I can only answer - this bag:

This is a gift I got from my mom, and it's a bag she bought in the 70s. It's a brand I don't know, but according to her it was a pretty expensive one. I love the shape, the color, and the buckles seem so... seventies!

When mom gave it to me I took it to the local cobbler to polish, and it looks awesome. Unfortunately, I am almost afraid to use it!

At the moment I have another vintage pièce at home:

This is a clutch and it's completely covered in pearls. It is my mom's, but I borrowed it in case I needed for one of the weddings I was attending. She is always happy to lend it to me or one of my sisters.
This one is also from the seventies, bought before my mom married my dad, so it's pre-1973. It's very nice at the touch, too, it's a pleasure to hold it!

So, following my mom's example, I am working on making my own vintage pieces, trying to take good care of the best stuff own, so that I'll be able to wear it in 20 years!

This post was submitted to IFB as parte of Project#103: share your favorite vintage pièce.

Monday, July 8, 2013

An outfit - Black and white (and a touch of neon)

 Dress - Conbipel
Shoes - Geox
Necklace - Steph's mom

I love dresses because a dress makes an outfit. I didn't realize I was wearing only three things until I typed the brands above. And this is such a comfortable dress!!
BTW, the "touch of neon" would be my the hot pink polish on my toenails.

And this is my handbag:

... bought some 12 years ago in a boutique in Roma

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Elie Saab Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 Haute Couture

I don't normally publish pictures from fashion shows here, but when I happened upon pictures from the Elie Saab Paris couture fashion show, I gasped. I hopped over to Vogue to check the whole collection, and was amazed. Chic, elegant, real Haute Couture in my opinion. Simple silhouettes and opulent fabrics. Here are my favourite looks. So many of them!

All images from Vogue

Friday, July 5, 2013


Yay, it's Friday!
I know my American friends are probably off from work today too, after celebrating yestarday, but unfortunately it was a normal day here yesterday... I really miss the 4th of July parties with my friends in the US. I fondly remember a party in NJ with my friends Daniella and Maria at their brother's place, with a beautiful swimming pool and fantastic food...

Yesterday we did something nice too: after dinner we went to join a friend who was singing a serenata for his fiancée. I think the serenata is a typical italian thing. a few nights before the wedding (or even the night before, as it was for the last wedding we attended) the guy goes to the girl's parents house and sings love songs to his belle.
The future bride seemed sincerely surprised when she came out.
The whole event was a lot of fun, we were quite a bit of people and I am sure the couple appreciated that lots of people showed up. After the songs the bride's family served some refreshments, and we continued to hang out by the pool, until we had to go home around midnight because, you know, I have to work today!

My plans for the weekend are farmers' market, a nice facial (I haven't had one for months!). It's a nice moment for myself, and I love chatting with the aesteticians at the beauty center. Then, of course, beach!

And on Sunday I am going to see husband play with his band. Fun!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Travel diaries: Cilento!

Happy first of July!
July is a month I love, since it's my birthday month and for me has always meant sun, beach and vacations. Well... I have to work until mid-August, but the long days, warm air and having dinner on the terrace makes me feel already on vacation.

Last week husband and I took a trip down to Cilento, sounth of the Amalfi Coast, to celebrate a friend's wedding. We spent almost three days there, and took some beautiful pictures.
This is Agropoli, the town where the weding took place:

 Ando on our last day we visited Paestum, a place none of us had ever been to. It's famous for its standing greek temples, but it was populated by the locals way before the Greeks took over, and it has roman remnants too. This is the Hera temple:

Amazing, isn't it?
And a view of the ancient town:

This place kind of revived my passion for ancient history and civilizations... I am already reading a book on Homer poems, and I want to read more on ancient literature!


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