Friday, November 2, 2012

November whishlist...

I have some major renovation scheduled for my apartment... so I should (must?) save as much as possible towards that... But there are three items I am missing from my wardrobe, and when I find some which I love I am going to buy them! Here they are:

  • White skinny jeans:

I have a pair of white jeans trousers, but they are not practical in fall/winter: they get dirty after about 30 minutes of wear. I want the skinny version because I can tuck it in my boots, and the bottom would stay clean even when it rains.

  • A denim skirt:

I can't find a denim skirt.!All I find are miniskirts! I didn't expect it to be so difficoult!

  • A wide belt:

I want a wide belt - this cognac color would be fine - but without spending too much money. or even, without spending more than 15 €. I haven't succeeded for now...

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