Friday, October 12, 2012


Yesterday I came back from Madrid (above, a picture of sunrise taken from my hotel room). I went for a work-related event, so I didn't have much time to really see the city. I could walk around a little bit at night, when we would go out for dinner. 
Buildings are beautiful, it looks nothing like Barcelona (which is the only other spanish city I visited) and the streets are incredibly large. I'd really love to go back just for sightseeing.
What I loved most, was that the city was so lively. Young people would be around eating tapas, having a drink, or just strolling until late, even on workdays. It was pretty warm, so I guess that helped too.
Food is delicious. I had some of the best fish I have ever eaten, and the wine was good too.

I did some shopping the day before leaving. I am at loss this time of the year, because it's too boring to only wear jeans and/or black pants. I am a dress girl at heart, but it's too early to wear boots and tights, and too cold in the morning to go bare-legged. So I focussed on accessories: a beautiful téal bag, and two belts: a hot pink one and a patent grey one - the pink one came with me in Madrid, and I find it to gives a nice unexpected touch to the most boring black-pants-black-blazer outfit.
Plus, I found a short sleeved white shirt and a beautiful floral dress I hope to wear soon.
I have to start taking pictures of my outfits again, it was fun!

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