Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beauty shopping!

I know two consecutive posts about beauty products make it seem like I am obsessed with cosmetics and make-up, but I am not. I am actually very disciplined, never start a new product if I haven't finished the one I am using at the moment, never buy doubles and shop sparingly. It's just a coincidence I got some makeup last Saturday, and today some new cosmetics.
Husband needed to buy some new jeans, and we went to the nearby outlet mall. Since there is a store there which carries beauty products I like and use (Bottega Verde), I wandered in looking for some heavily discounted stuff. Here is what I got:

Makeup remover for face and eyes Quilaia
I had never heard of quilaia before buying this makeup remover for the first time. It's a tree from which natural detergents can be extracted. I loved it from my first use: it's very delicate but effective, doesn't sting, and LASTS FOREVER! The previous bottle lasted me something like 8 months - and I use it every day.

Mascara Volume in Extra Black.
It's probably the fourth time I re-buy this mascara. It's a very basic product: doesn't make me look like I am wearing false eyelashes, but makes my lashes darker and more noticeable, doesn't flake and comes off easily when I wash my face.

Crema viso effetto lifting.
There were several bins with face creams, but I picked this one because it contains hyaluronic acid and karité butter. Never tried it before, I'll use after I have finished my current face cream.

Plus, the girl gave me a sample - a pretty big tube - of another face moisturizer, which I'll probably put in my gym bag.

As for the rest of the shopping, I liked a shirt and a skirt - but the shirt was too big and the skirt too small. Oh well...

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